SSN COVID-19 Volunteer Application Form
Last updated: 11 May 2020 15:05

Before completing this form, please ensure you understand these minimum requirements:

  • This is a volunteer, unpaid role.

  • You must be aged over 18 and have a mobile phone.

  • To avoid uninsured vicarious liability on the SSN, you are only permitted to do any driving associated with the SSN activities if: (a) you have an open licence, (b) have your own registered and roadworthy vehicle, AND (c) have and maintain a minimum of Third Party insurance (preferably comprehensive insurance).

  • The roles will involve seeing current SSN Clients, community members, callers and members personal details, and some roles will involve visits to private houses. Therefore if you are not already an SSN Member, you will be required to sign a simple non-disclosure form, adhere to the SSN privacy policy, sign a simple Stat Dec regarding your Criminal History, and be willing to have a National Criminal History check. Further details provided in the next page of your online application

  • As long as you meet and agree to the requirements stated above, once you have been accepted as an SSN Non-Member Volunteer you will be covered by Samford Support Network insurance.

  • You must reside in one of the following Suburbs (SSN catchment area):Samford Village, Samford Valley, Wights Mountain, Camp Mountain, Highvale, Closeburn, Cedar Creek, Yugar and Draper.

  • Volunteers over 60 may be restricted to lower risk tasks.

  • Legitimate mileage expenses can be reimbursed on a per km basis following a grant provided by the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

  • Depending on workload and operational requirements, tasks may be done on a roster or ad-hoc basis, selected by the Volunteer.

  • Training will be provided. This will be conducted online and details will be advised once your application has been processed.

  • Please provide photocopies of your proof of ID, photocopy of Drivers Licence, your completed Criminal History form and your signed Non-Member Volunteer Disclosure form to our SSN COVOD-19 Samford Response Office located at Shop 6, 7 Main Street and open 7am-10am Monday - Saturday.

  • Please note that we have sufficient volunteers for our current workload, however we encourage you to register now so that you can be ready to help our community when the anticipated workload increases.

Thank you for acknowledging the minimum requirements. Please provide the information requested below.

Please enter registration of all cars you may be using, separated by commas:
Tick all task types that you are willing to do:

(Hover over the titles for an approximate description.)
Food and Provisions pick and packing (shopping!)
Goods Delivery to community members
Call handling (phone)
Community members well-being phone calls
Administration Support
Coordinating fulfillment of Requests
Logistics coordination
Volunteer Support Supervisors
Other (specify here)
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Do you agree to sign the SSN Non-disclosure for non-Member Volunteers agreement?   Click here to download
Do you consent to a photo for ID and SSN publicity purposes
Do you consent to providing a Stat Dec confirming you have no Criminal History?   Click here to download
Do you consent to a National Criminal History Check by the SSN   Click here to download
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