Part of the SSN “Keep People in their Homes” program is the provisioning of Mobile Alert Pendants which the SSN can provide free of charge to Clients thanks to generous grants from the Samford Community Bendigo Bank who fund this popular program. This provides a safety net around Clients and provides further assistance to them when needed.

Worn around the neck, clipped to clothing or belt, these clever small, lightweight devices can be provided to Clients on a temporary (for example, after surgery) or long term basis.

Intended for people who may have health issues, unstable on their feet or living in isolation the Mobile Alert Pendants are essentially a fully automatic, hands-free mobile phone (weighing about 30 grams!) that work anywhere in a Telstra Mobile Network coverage area. It is activated by the Client pressing the SOS button on the device, or the device detecting that the Client has fallen. It sends an SMS to up to three Client nominated friends, neighbours or family and then proceeds to call the numbers until it has been answered. If no answer then it will call triple zero.

The service includes the provision of a secure key safe so that QAS, Samford First Responders and other emergency services can quickly gain access to Clients home in an emergency. Details of the Pendant number and the key safe are registered with all Emergency Services by the SSN so that calls from the pendant, or relating to the Clients address will automatically provide access information to responding services. This is also when emergency services can refer Clients to the SSN via SupportLink following an emergency call for help.