The following documents are from LifeLine and were provided as part of the Psychological First Aid course run by Samford First Aid in 2018.  Since that course, members of the Client Support Group have received more formal training and certification in Mental Health First Aid.

Most of the resources below are available on the LifeLine web site and are provided for reference only. Please check the LifeLine web site for later versions.

  • Carers of People with Mental Illness
  • Helping Someone at Risk of Suicide
  • Help when you are feeling down
  • What are Loneliness and Isolation
  • What is Suicide Bereavement
  • Men experiencing Difficult Times
  • Survivors of Suicide booklet
  • Suicide Prevention wallet card
  • Coping with Community Crisis or Natural Disaster
  • Coping with Loss and Change in a Community after a Natural Disaster
  • Getting through Floods, Drought and Extreme Climate Events
  • Helping your Children cope with the After effects of a Natural Disaster