“Each year I am humbled by the kindness and scope of the support I am given and the magnanimity of the beautiful volunteers who selflessly give up their time.  I am gratefully reminded of the genuine concern for my well-being each time I am with the Samford Support Network.  Thank you eternally for enriching my life with joy, laughter and protection and your heart-felt humanity.”

“I would like to let the Samford Support Network Group know how much I have appreciated every one of them.  The many drives to medical appointments, always with a helping hand, and now I am included in the Social Activities.  It has opened up a whole new world for me away from the hostel.  I do enjoy the company so much.”

Very sincerely, P.H.

“We wanted to write to you and all the volunteers, to give our thanks and express our appreciation for the generous help we have received from the network.

When I decided to stop driving last December, I knew nothing of our possible alternatives for managing our future transport needs.  Discovering new ways of moving around has been a steep learning curve, and through the learning process we have met a range of generous and helpful folk who have assisted us to attend appointments, go shopping, collect post, and complete a myriad of tasks that we now find ourselves unable to get to.

We can only say a huge thank you to everyone and wish you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year. With very best wishes.”

T>S and H.S

“My experiences with the Samford Support Network have been very positive.  Their help has been beyond measure, the difference between coping with the stresses of life and not coping.  I dread to think where I would be without Barbara and her team of helpers.\

The last 7.5 years have been very challenging for my family. The severe brain injury of one daughter, cancer in another, and the associated problems of dealing with foreign insurance, hospital visits, therapy appointments, home maintenance and the daily life of a carer, all have made life difficult at times. Barbara and her team have ‘been there’ for my family and myself, giving generously and without judgement.

Barbara negotiated with German insurance to have a special tricycle approved for Holly.   The SSN organised an art show for Holly, to fundraise transport of the tricycle to Australia.

Support with yard maintenance has been organised.  It is a pleasure to have the cheerful volunteers transform an overgrown mess into something tidy and manageable.

Volunteer drivers took my daughter, Catherine, to hospital for chemotherapy sessions.  They provided much more than just the drive, they offered valuable emotional support, which has continued to this day.

Barbara has worked very hard to negotiate the best possible support for Holly from foreign insurance, an extremely difficult, time consuming and complicated process.  I am eternally grateful to her for supporting Holly in this way.

While overseas for three months, Barbara and her team have cared for our chickens, dogs, cat and bird.  To know they will be cared for by the SSN makes being away from home for so long less stressful for Holly and myself.

The SSN community has reached out to my family in its time of need, and provided so much more than just physical help.  To know that the SSN is there for my family if something goes wrong, to feel valued and supported by the local community, is a service beyond measure.”

A.M and H.M

“It has been an absolute pleasure and delight to watch the Support Network grow into the magnificent organisation that it is today, realising the dream we had 5 years ago.  I commend Barbara and her wonderful team for doing such a marvelous job and meeting such vital needs in our great community.  Wishing you all of the very best for the future!”

Lots of love, Martina

“I am very fortunate to have such a group in my neighbourhood. It is nice to know there is support in times of need and gives me greater confidence to manage my life.  I appreciate the friendship and companionship of the group.  Living alone can be quite isolating.  The Network has brought me into contact with other people and events in our community, broadening my social network. Thank you from a very appreciative member.”