• How do I register as a Client with the Samford Support Network?

Please contact the SSN via mobile or email and we will take some basic details to enable you to become registered and use our Services. Clients must live within the designated catchment area (see bottom of this page for details). All services are free except for a small Client contribution for each drive.

  • How do I refer someone I am concerned about?

Please contact the SSN via mobile or email. If the situation is urgent or life-threatening, call triple-zero. In all cases we will need the permission of the actual Client before we can make contact.

  • Who do I call in an emergency?

If the situation is urgent or life-threatening, call triple-zero. otherwise refer to our Useful info page, or contact the SSN via mobile or email.

  • What services do you offer?

Please see our Services menu on this web site.

  • How soon can I get help?

All of our services require a minimum of 3 business days notice to enable us the best chance of finding a volunteer to help you. On occasions, we may not be able to find an available volunteer and we will keep you informed and try and meet your needs another way or by rescheduling.

  • What if I’m disabled and need a drive?

If you are unable to get into and out of a car on your own, unfortunately we will be unable to help you. Our cars are not modified for wheelchair access.

  • I need help at home.  Is there someone who can come over?

Please contact the SSN via mobile or email to discuss your needs and how we can help.

  • Is there are charge for a drive?

There is a small contribution each way from each Client travelling in a car for most drives. The maximum contribution is $10 per client each way, with the majority of drives being just $5 per Client each way.

  • Will someone help me with my shopping?

We can accompany you whilst you are shopping but the SSN volunteer is unable to lift any shopping at the shop or on arrival at home.

  • How is SSN funded?

The majority of our funding comes from the local community and local business through grants, sponsorships, donations, fund raising and major events such as the Samford Fun Run.

  • How do I know the volunteer on my doorstep is someone I can trust?

Our volunteers carry Photo Identity cards – please ask to see their card to confirm they are truly representing the SSN. If you have any doubts, please contact the SSN via mobile to have the identity confirmed.

  • What does the social group do? What if I don’t know anyone on the social outings?

Please refer to the Services>Social Outings page. Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone – our volunteers and our Clients are all very friendly and will make sure you settle in quickly and happily!

  • Are your volunteers safe to come in my house?

We are very conscious of the safety and security of our Clients (and our volunteers!). All our volunteers have a national criminal check and blue card check, and carry an SSN Identity card. Anyone concerned can always call our SSN number to verify the identity of an SSN volunteer.