Closing the gap – Helping elderly and disabled local community members by working together

The Samford Support Network performs over 2000 drives each year for our community and to help with coordinating this we use the call centre and the coordination help of our friends at Communify. Communify is a non-profit company that we have worked with for many years now. They have always been helpful, flexible and very accommodating in assisting us to in meet the needs of our clients – the local community.

Communify employ a local age care worker to support our local community with paid care, usually under an Aged Care Package. All people in our catchment obtaining Communify’s Aged Care services (whether or not on a package) can request and organise that the unpaid volunteers of the Samford Support Network and Communify can work together in delivering services for them. The aim of this partnership between the SSN and Communify is to close the gap and ensure continuous care for our local community members.  For example, when a local community member comes home after a hospital visit, they can benefit from paid care and volunteer support to cover all check-up/meals and other support the person needs on returning home. We believe this extends the time that people can stay in their home as long as possible and is consistent with the SSN “Keeping People in their Homes” program.