This page contains links to the latest current versions of documents and forms useful to SSN Members.

If you need a form or document that you don’t have, you can view and download the latest one here!

Note: These documents are copyright SSN and you are asked not to distribute them to organisations or individuals who are not current SSN members.

When a new or updated document is released, it will be placed here.

The following are guideline documents relating to SSN Member activities.

Last Updated

Format Document Title
PDF SSN - Clients dealing with members v1.1 FINAL
PDF SSN - Members dealing with clients v1.1 FINAL
PDF SSN G1 - Driving Guidelines v1.2 FINAL

18 May 2019

PDF SSN Driver Insurance Disclosure Form v1.0 FINAL
PDF SSN G3 - Banking Client Contributions v1.4 FINAL

3 May 2019

PDF SSN - Submitting Online Drive Information v1.3 FINAL