SSN COVID-19 Samford Response Services


All pickups and deliveries will be at social distancing levels – minimum 1.5m from anyone and no physical contact.

The goods are put together by the relevant retailer or shopped by a Volunteer.  In a see-through pouch is the name and address and telephone number of the community member – the bags will be sprayed with anti-bacterial/virus spray by the relevant supplier and left in a safe pickup location for a Volunteer driver to pick up.  A standard letter is included with the delivery and payment details for information to the community member.

The goods are delivered, sprayed again by the volunteer and the community member is notified via SMS or via call or ringing the doorbell and standing well back (at least 1.5m).

Pharmaceutical deliveries:

The community member calls the approved pharmacy, orders over the phone (bulk-billed GP appointment via Telehealth if required), pays pharmacy over the phone.

A Volunteer will be notified by the SSN or the pharmacy and will deliver depending on the demand and location.

Food and provisions deliveries

Food and provisions will be provided by a local supermarket. They cannot take payment over the phone so a physical payment will be performed.

The community member calls the COVID-19 SSN Response number (Phone: 0492 886 612) or registers a request online and provides a list of items needed.  Please note, the community member may not get all their order or exactly what was ordered, depending on stock availability.

A Volunteer goes into the retailer and shops for the community member. Payment will be made by the Volunteer using SSN COVID funds.

Each community member will be provided the receipt with the food delivery along with the relevant bank details and requested to pay.  This is a trust-based repayment.

Pre-prepared Meal delivery

Pre-prepared Meal delivery is intended for people who are too sick to cook meals and are purchased from Meals on Wheels Pine Rivers.

They will be delivered by a Volunteer in a Styrofoam box with a cooling element.

Psychological/Emotional Support

At this time, it is increasingly important to provide psychological/emotional support.  Please contact your SSN COVID-19 Samford Response Team to request assistance.

Phone: 0492 886 612



Last updated 26 March 2020