Volunteer Applications

On the Volunteer application form why are you asking our age bracket?

The SSN insurance restricts members to over 18, and we are conscious that over 60’s are possibly more susceptible to a bad experience should they contract COVID-19. We will work with those Volunteers who are over 60 should they prefer to work on lower risk tasks in the SSN COVID-19 Samford Response.

Why are you only taking volunteers and providing assistance to community members in a few suburbs of the 4520 area?

It is in the Association Rules of the Samford Support Network that we are constrained to those suburbs. For normal SSN work this is because we have limited numbers of volunteers who sometimes struggle to meet the demand of clients in the stated suburbs. To expand beyond that would likely reduce the service for current clients and increase costs (e.g. due to higher mileage claims). We will consider amending the Rules during the COVID-19 situation to extend the area should the capacity of Volunteers allow it.

Money Matters

How are you financing the SSN COVID-19 Samford Response effort?

We hope that community members who benefit from this service will promptly pay for their shopping that the SSN will do for them. We are seeking grants from local sources, plus we will be appealing to the community via Facebook and our web site for donations. Our initial setup expenses including additional insurance premium for the COVID-19 Samford Response is already approaching $1000, and there will be ongoing expenses in providing each service including products for the extensive disinfection measures of our Volunteer shoppers, drivers and delivered goods. Any shortfall will be underwritten by the SSN.

Shopping Service

How can I pay the driver for my groceries if I can’t get to the bank?

Payment options include EFT (preferred), PayPal (including Mastercard and Visa) or by cheque. If none of these work for your situation, please contact the SSN COVID-19 Samford Response Team to discuss other options.

Can I order from the butcher or the fruit shop the bakery?

No. Only items from Drakes Supermarket Samford can be requested as we do not have enough volunteer’s for more extensive shopping.

Can I order whatever I want from Drakes Supermarket?

You can order anything available from Drakes Supermarket Samford, but at this time you are limited to 15 single items per order and one order per household within 7 days. We would suggest this would be your chosen top 15 priority items. This constraint is because we currently have a limited number of volunteers available and we don’t want to promise something we can’t deliver. We will constantly review this as our resources vary during the COVID-19 period.

How often can I order groceries?

Generally only one request within 7 days per household. It is expected that most households will have other means of getting supplies through Government Sources, Red Cross, family or friends. The SSN service is intended for people in desperate struggling circumstances. This guideline may be overridden on an exception basis in extreme circumstances on a case by case basis.

Can I order pet supplies and get them delivered?

Provided they are sold by Drakes Supermarket Samford, then yes. They would be counted towards your limit of 15 items per shop.

How do I know the driver won’t infect my shopping?

The SSN have implemented strict disinfection regime at multiple stages of the delivery chain starting with the shopper, the handover to the driver, and further disinfection at drop off. Of course, the SSN cannot guarantee 100% that no COVID-19 virus or other viruses are present, but the precautions we are taking are far more than a normal shopper would undertake.

Normal SSN Services

Can I still request transport?

The SSN normal services are continuing, with some restrictions due to the COVID-19 situation. Drive requests for medical appointments and health related drives are still being accepted. All SSN services are subject to availability of our Volunteers.

Last updated: 4 May 2020