No-Charge Essential Groceries Shopping Service available from 15 May 2020

From 15 May 2020 SSN COVID-19 Samford Response can offer No-Charge Essential Groceries Shopping Service to eligible community members who are in financial stress due to COVID-19.

  • If your household is in COVID related isolation, this service takes a shopping list provided by the approved community member online, then an SSN Volunteer does the shopping at Drakes Supermarket Samford and delivers it to your home, usually within 48 hours.
  • If you are NOT in COVID related isolation, then you will be able to order a number of Drakes Gift Cards to give you more freedom and ease for your personal shopping.

This is described further in our Essential Shopping Service, which is the paid service we have been providing to many since we started.

How can the SSN afford this?

As a result of the $10,000 grant from Moreton Bay Regional Council, the SSN COVID-19 Samford Response program is now in a position to offer a No-Charge Essential Groceries Shopping Service to qualifying residents in the SSN area who are struggling financially as a consequence of COVID-19. The SSN provides a fast-track qualification process to enable a decision to made within 3 days of confirmation of a confirmed application being received, and the shopping service able to commence immediately a positive decision is made by the SSN Management Committee (MC).

Who can get this ‘free’ shopping?

The objective of this No-Charge Essential Groceries Shopping Service is to provide immediate assistance to families or individuals in the Samford area who are in acute need as a result of financial impact of the COVID-19 for as long as possible and needed. The assistance is in the form of no-charge shopping through the current online SSN COVID-19 Essential Shopping Service.

The SSN No-Charge Essential Groceries Shopping Service is not intended for extended financial assistance which should be pursued by the applicant by engagement with other agencies and government bodies. The service is also constrained by available external funding, which the SSN will continue to pursue as needed. The service may be terminated by the SSN Management Committee at any time and without notice.

All efforts are made to ensure that the privacy of the community members are kept confidential, recognising that there may be some need to disclose some details to authorities and other SSN Volunteers, who are all covered by non-disclosure agreements.

What’s the process for applying?

As the No-Charge Essential Groceries Shopping Service is utilising public money from MBRC and others, we do have an appropriate screening process to follow, in summary:

  1. Community member contacts SSN for a confidential discussion.
  2. SSN sends a written summary of the discussion to the applicant.
  3. Applicant amends any errors and confirms back to SSN that information is complete and correct.
  4. SSN Management Committee consider application against pre-set criteria. This may take up to 3 days.
  5. SSN Management Committee advise applicant of outcome and (if approved) number of shops per week allowed.
  6. If approved, applicant can immediately order through the current online COVID-19 Request for Assistance process, or if necessary, verbally through the SSN COVID-19 Samford Response contact number.
  7. Applicant will not be required to pay for the shopping. This is tracked in our systems.

Conditions apply to the application and the No-Charge Essential Groceries Shopping Service, which will be provided to the applicant.

To apply, please call the normal SSN number 0470 214 916 to discuss confidentially with Barbara.

We are all in this together – community supporting community

Last updated 26 July 2020