SSN COVID-19 Response Plan


The impact of COVID-19 in Australia in increasing and expected to further impact the Samford community even more over coming days and weeks.

The Samford Support Network (SSN) has been leading the coordination of the response for the Samford Community through local businesses and other community organisations.

This SSN COVID-19 Samford Response Plan is an attempt to capture the scope, actions and control measures to coordinate the available volunteer resources in the Samford area and respond to urgent requests for assistance.


The SSN COVID-19 Samford teams aim to deliver basic food, provisions, and medication to struggling community members who are voluntarily or otherwise confined to home; and to provide emotional and psychological support to our community.


Initially, only community members in the following suburbs are covered by this plan:

Samford Village, Samford Valley, Wights Mountain, Camp Mountain, Highvale, Closeburn, Cedar Creek, Yugar and Draper.

Note that these boundaries may be able to be expanded by using non-SSN resources and with the agreement of all Stakeholders.

Deliveries are limited to basic food provisions, professionally pre-prepared meals and medication. Emotional and psychological support will be provided via telephone.

Last update 16 April 2020