Day to day management and Governance of the SSN is the responsibility of the elected volunteer Management Committee consisting of President, Secretary, Treasurer and two Committee Members. The Samford Support Network is a registered Incorporated Association registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) and governed by the SSN Rule Book. 

The Management Committee meet at least once a month, and are in daily contact through email, SMS and Messenger. Each year at the Annual General Meeting in October all positions are declared vacant and the Members vote for a new Management Committee. It is a credit to the dedication, skill and achievements of our past and present Management Committee members that since the start of the SSN they have always been voted back in each year, unless they have chosen to retire.

The SSN is very aware of the risk that the organisation, it’s volunteers and it’s Clients may be exposed to and has a comprehensive Risk Management Framework which is reviewed continuously. The SSN maintain a tailored insurance policy covering the wide range of SSN activities and major events for general public and product liability, management liability and a basic personal accident cover for our volunteers.

The SSN take seriously the responsibility of managing the funds donated to it by the community. With over 180 transactions per month (mostly due to drive contributions) the ability to easily track and report monthly to the Management Committee is essential. Of course our formal annual Financial Statements also need to be accurate and transparent, and are reviewed by an independent auditing accountant before being presented to the SSN members at our AGM and submitted to the Queensland Office of Fair Trading.