Welcome to the SSN Request-a-Drive Page!

Use this page to request a drive from one of our amazing volunteer drivers.

To Request a Drive you MUST be a registered SSN Client and have a Client ID (CID) number.

To register as an SSN Client, please contact the SSN on 0470 214 916.

If you don’t know your CID number, please call the Drive Coordinator on 0490 216 043.

Please note the following

  • All drives follow the SSN COVID Safe plan.
  • At least 3 business days notice is required of all drives please.
  • Any Client contributions must be provided to the SSN Driver at time of drive.
  • Social Distancing and strong disinfecting techniques will be used by our Volunteers.
  • All Volunteers will have blue Samford Member Photo-ID badges.
  • SSN drive contributions are kept low as our community fully fund us. Please support local businesses so that they can help us keep costs to you down.
  • If you have any issues please contact the SSN email or call 0470 214 916 and we will endeavour to assist.

To lodge a request for an SSN Drive you can use one of the following methods:

  • By completing online using our simple Request-a-Drive form (click the link).
  • By calling our friendly SSN Driver Coordinator on 0490 216 043.

You will require the following information to lodge your request for a drive:

  1. Your name or Client ID number (CID).
  2. The pickup address.
  3. The date of the trip.
  4. The time of the pickup, and the time of the appointment if applicable.
  5. The destination address.
  6. If you require a return trip, the estimated pickup time at the destination.

If you have any difficulties, please call the SSN Driver Coordinator on 0490 216 043 for assistance.