User Interface Forms Developer

For the COVID-19 Samford Response activities, the SSN are collecting online Volunteer Applications and Client requests for help into separate tables in a web hosted SQL Database. The information is collected using HTML web forms with extensive form content validation in php, JavaScript and HTML. These forms will result in hundreds or thousands of records in the SQL Database that will need to be further accessed and processed to allow the services to be delivered to the Samford Community.

SSN are seeking a volunteer who can quickly develop the following user interface forms and reports. It is envisaged that this person is a fulltime developer who is available immediately to start full-time on a volunteer basis.

  1. Display existing data locally on a Windows PC from remote (web hosted) SQL Database and allow certain fields to be updated and database updated when commit button pressed. Will require some form validation against business rules before saving.
  2. Form/Interface to produce “picking/packing List”, Address Label and other information from remote (web hosted) SQL Database for a specific record. Include search criteria to find the record. Output should be a printable PDF. Method of emailing with cover note to selected addresses (eg particular suppliers).
  3. Form/Interface to generate a variety of reports from remote (web hosted) SQL Database to assist with the monitoring, management, control and planning of the COVID-19 Samford Response.

The solution is preferred to be using Office 365 and Visual Basic (eg Excel), however other proposed solutions will be considered including a web-based solution.

All solutions must use generally available software and applications, and able to maintained by other people (ie not locked or protected by the author). IP Rights will need to be assigned to Samford Support Networks.