Policy for Members

The Samford Support Network has a policy for its Members which can be viewed here: SSN-P19 SSN Novel coronavirus COVID19 Bulletin #1 v1.0 FINAL

Information for the Community

For the wider Samford Community, the SSN are working with a number of local businesses, professionals and community organisations to provide a COVID-19 Samford Response service where struggling members of the Samford community who are voluntarily or otherwise confined to home can receive urgent basic food and pharmaceutical medication deliveries.

COVID-19 Samford Response

Further information on the COVID-19 Samford Response service will be released to Facebook and the SSN web site as the arrangements are finalised and the service is available. An SSN COVID-19 Samford Response phone and email has been established and will become more functional as our systems are put in place.

If you Require Assistance

Anyone currently in desperate immediate need please contact the SSN COVID-19 Samford Response team on the details given below.

In the meantime if you want to help with the SSN community response please contact the SSN by emailing COVID-19@samfordsupportnetwork.com with your name, address, phone number and whether your interest is for the COVID-19 situation in delivery of medication, food, or as a full member of the SSN. All community members joining the SSN COVID-19 Response will be required to have a Criminal History Check (organised by the SSN).

Please also monitor the Samford Support Network Facebook page and our website for updates.


SSN COVID-19 Samford Response:
Phone: 0492 886 612
Email: COVID-19@samfordsupportnetwork.com.

Samford Support Network (normal services):

Web site: www.samfordsupportnetwork.com
General email: SSN@samfordsupportnetwork.com
General phone: 0470 214 916


Queensland Government, Queensland Health:

Australian Government Department of Health:

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